Baron Von Schenberg and the Sinister Swamp, a Pulp Alley Adventure!!

Yet another adventure in the Williamsburg Legati’s Perilous Island campaign. A little earlier than expected, i haven’t even finished my zombies yet!  This game was played by Chris with the Rogue Legionnaires, Peter with the Red Shambala and Alex with the Knights of the White Rose.  This part of the campaign follows a less directed narrative as the leagues endeavour to find the clues to bring them to them to the next act.


This adventure pits the leagues against zombies in the swamp.  Lots of them as it turned out!   Instead of using 1 major and four minor plot points, this scenario places three areas of mysterious remains.  Each turn the players pull fortune cars and use the “x” attribute to set a number of new zombies.  These appear in a three inch radius around the bones.  Similarly that same area is considered an extreme perilous area and any character failing a peril would create a new zombie engaged with them.

Unlike regular plot points, these bone piles didn’t leave when picked up.  Rather a reward card is pulled.  In theory a league could have picked up all five plot points at one pile.  It didn’t happen though.


The Germans rolled a level 3 brawler for their event, The Russians had a character delayed and the French rolled limited visibility.  The French also brought along a dog with their resources.

The first real action was when Alexandra boldly went forth to get a plot point.  Instead she failed her peril and had a zombie right on her. Ivanna and the dog went to her rescue and the dog was dropped.


The layout of the jungle left the French in a bad way early on, as they had the furthest to go to get to their closest bone pile and the brush created a channel blocked by zombies.  their leader however is an entirely capable sort, and very quickly the zombies were cleared.

The Germans also were having issues.  They stopped moving forward and slowly began to be overwhelmed by the undead creatures.




In the end the zombies proved a greater threat than I had expected.  Due to the way we pulled cards, they were originally showing up in pretty large numbers though that slowed down significantly as play went on.  The Zombies wee not very dangerous on their own right, but the weaker characters couldn’t hurt them.  Alex and the Germans were also doomed by very poor dice luck all night long.

Join us next time for  “the Jungle Trail”!!

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