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Santa Clause and the G-Men


Boxing day found the Williamsburg Legati involved in this year’s 7TV Christmas game.   This year we used the new PULP version and played G-Men Versus the Shadow Ring.  Actually, I ran the same game I recently ran at the local convention, the VIP rescue scenario.  For this version, however, I switched Santa Clause in as the VIP and replaced the Shocktroopers with three Evil Snowmen.


Not a lot of pictures I am afraid.  Partly that is due to exhaustion, partly due to my have forgot a third of my terrain and all of my sidewalks!  The terrain was, therefore, a little disappointing.


As to the game, things went poorly for the side of Justice from the very start.  The combination of the Secret Rings Star qualities and abilities, Cliffhanger cards, and Gadgets left several turns in which none of the Heroic Stars could activate.  I have never seen such bad luck in 7TV.  The G Men Agents and Police officers were decimated while unsupported by their stars.  Finally, a well timed Stealing The Scene and there was almost no chance of saving Santa. Well, that and it was getting late and I wasn’t the only one exhausted.  Christmas is a very busy season of the year where some of us work.


I will have to try something else next year.  These hostage scenario episodes are very difficult, Santa was only saved once and that was against a very poorly designed baddie cast.

Happy Holidays and see you next year!


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G-Men and the Secret Ring!

Last March I took the opportunity of forwarding a Crooked Dice post regarding their interesting partnership with Edgehill University, to create a new Pulp addition to their 7TV line.  I have since played two games of it including an episode of G-Men and the Secret Ring played at one of my local conventions, Call To Arms.


I wasn’t convinced about buying the product because I am a big fan of Pulp Alley and don’t know when I would use this product, though to be honest, I felt the same way about Spyfy when I bought it and I play it quite a bit.   It is the nature of Pulp Ally that you can do just about any form of skirmish game you want from it.  I have used it for not only the obvious games but also for such oddities as wild west and a historic world war one boat battle fought on Lake Tanganyika.


So why 7TV first.  7TV is a complete product.  While you can certainly can create your own cards, and use whatever figures you would like, even create your own casts, you do not have too.  A lot of the work is already done for you.  Even if you want to use your own casts and figures, 7TV’s general casting allows for archetype characters, getting your figures on the table quicker.

The two Crooked Dice products that I am familiar with both using an unusual meta concept.  Rather than being a wild adventurer as in Pulp Alley, or of that matter most games, your characters are instead cast members of low budget movies or TV.  This is not just fluff, but can add unusual events to occur through the countdown cards (Cliffhanger cards in Pulp).  This adds a certain unexpected and often humorous occurrences, some of which can be game-changing.  There is certainly a bit more humour and camp in the Crooked Dice products.  Lastly, there is often some familiarity in the casts or in the sculpts of the figures which are fun.


G-Men and the Secret Ring is a Pulp show following the adventures Brash Special Agent Eddy Kane and Crusading Private Investigator Charlie Bosco as they try to stop the nefarious plans Agent Z and the Secret Ring.  Agent Z’s Nazi agents have infiltrated “Big Al” Moretti’s mobsters in an attempt to build a secret base under New York.


New York’s finest

The episode was “the Rescue”, where the Heroes had to save a kidnapped VIP from the clutches of Big Al.  Being a convention I created the two casts with little groups within them.  For the Heros that was P.I. Bosco aided by a unit of NYPD and Special Agent Edwina “Eddy” Kane with her unit of G-men.  Opposing them were Big Al and his boys and German Agent with some Nazi thugs and paid muscle.


An interesting new addition to Pulp are the “Peril Cards”.  Each side gets to pull one or more based on the player’s agreement.  We allowed one each.  The Heros Peril card gave their opponents two hidden bombs that managed to delay the Heros attack even catching the police wagon full of cops on fire, luckily they extinguished it without great damage.


Agent Z, on the other hand, snuck into the warehouse that housed the McGuffin and entered into a duel with Bosco stopping all other activity until it was finished, with Bosco down. (The picture shows them both down, that is an error).


The G-Men rushed in hoping to free the victim which led to a very bloody and closely ranged firefight but it was ended in the Gangs advantage.


On the other flank, the dirty Nazis raced forward in their truck and assaulted the cops.  One of them foolishly rushed in to beat Otto with his nightstick, Otto simply grabbed him in a bear hug, later he did the same to a would-be rescuer.  The Nazi agent spent the rest of the game just holding two cops!


In the end, the Secret Ring did manage to get away with their victim, and unexpectedly the Philosophers Stone as well. (One of the other new things added to Pulp is a McGuffin card that can be drawn when the main objective or McGuffin is picked up).   The G-men were badly beaten, though their police extras did manage to arrest on of the Nazi agents.  Perhaps he will talk…

Until Next time, Cheers!


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Bungle in the Jungle! A 7TV2 Episode.


Thursday night the Williamsburg Legati played another Spy Fi game of Crooked Dice’s 7TV.  More of the miniatures are painted, and we are playing around with different scenery ideas.  Our newest member Geoff brought a lot of jungle foliage by, so we decided to set the game in the jungle.  We also shook things up a bit on the villainous side by replacing the Evil Mastermind with the Despotic Dictator.  The Mastermind hasn’t been very successful for us and we think it is probably due to the small cast sizes we have been using.  We have been playing with just 30 ratings points.  The Mastermind’s star qualities are mostly based on ordering minions around and we just don’t have enough minions!  We also keep going back and forth regarding the inhuman servitor and plastron.  This happens more from confusion than anything else but does make a great difference in the game.


The episode we were playing was “the Race”.  In this episode, both players start on opposite sides of the table and race towards a goal.  An interesting twist is that the objective is about to be destroyed.  We decided it was an active local volcano.  Players can gain extra plot points by electing to burn two countdown cards a turn, making the danger arrive sooner.  We weren’t sure what the rules meant by “Goal” so we decided to make it the McGuffin.  The characters had to collect objective tokens, on doing so on any turn where they had turned two countdown cards, they rolled a dice to see if the objective was actually the McGuffin.


On set up, the three spies on the hero’s side gave them a bit of advantage, with a number of their figures beginning play right inside the complex.  Their first countdown card being “set dressing” it allowed them to push a bookcase against the window that the villains were obviously planning on coming in through.  The good guys made their way through the building taking objectives were they lay.

The villains followed a different strategy.  Our star (Geoff and I were playing the villains again) stayed outside and sent their minions in through the windows to collect objectives and shoot at the heroes.  Meanwhile, the inhuman servitor stayed off on his own (most of his star qualities are designed for that.  What luck that turned out to be.  One objective was outside of the complex, upon a rock formation and the inhuman servitor went to get it.  That turned out to be the Mcguffin! He took it started to leave, but he is also the slowest character being unable to run.  that was our undoing!


The heroes sent one of their annoying ninja out after the servitor.  We had gathered the Junta and his sidekick out to support the servitor, but the ninja used two gadgets.  Sleeping gas, to put the alien to sleep and then camouflage spray to make her invisible.  Basically what this meant was that the Alien lost his turn and nothing could be done to the ninja standing right over him!  We were also very quickly losing the firefight within the complex.  When the game ended, we had lost all but our star and one costar.  The good guys had only lost a ninja and one or two security guards.  They also had most of objectives, but not the Mcguffin.  The heroes won, but not as cleanly as they had done in the previous games and we almost won!  The Dictator will be used again.


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Escape! A7TV 1 Inch Spy-fi adventure


Last Sunday found the Legati again practicing with our new 7TV rules.  Jeff and Chris played while I acted as director.  (Actually, I was somewhere between Directing and also Starring in).  Jeff and I took the minions and Chris the Spies for good.  We have decided to stick with the genre and the casts for a bit so as to better learn their “Star qualities” or abilities. This is really the only difficult part of the game, and it is made far easier by the cards that list all the explanations on the back.  Still, it is easy to forget what you have available to you!

This game was “episode” was simply generated randomly by the rules in the book, which is why there is so little character to the central casting characters we used.

The minions consisted of Dr. Maybe (Evil mastermind), his Faithful Lackey, a Plaston bodyguard, and some minions under the direction of their minion commander.  Chris’ cast of defenders of the free world consisted of a Flamboyant Agent, his Crackpot Inventor pal, Merry, and Kerry (two neutral and very effective Ninja), and some security guards.  The Episode was the “Escape”.  In this episode, the defender is in the attackers base and has to get out.  We decided to use the McGuffin, which in this episode, provided the Good guys with an extra gadget.


The additional gadget was, of course, unnecessary with this cast.  The Crackpot Inventor provides them with all sorts of extra gadget pool abilities.  Including their ever present nerve gas that was used to again make most of the minions unhelpful.

This game was far closer than the previous one, however.  Early on one of the scene cards allowed the easy removal of one of the Ninja, who just sliced and diced their way through all opponents last time.  The board was small ( I really need to order more Sally 4th tiles) and provided a good deal more cover than last time.  The minions also experienced better dice luck which was helpful.  The spies only broke through in the last turn or two available in the episode, though by that time there was really no resistance left to stop them.

Another enjoyable episode of this very enjoyable and clever game.


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Santa Claus Isn’t Coming to Town!


Christmas ended up foiling our plans for the Williamsburg Legati meetings, but we finally got together just past new year’s day for our Christmas game of 7TV.  For those of you unaware, 7TV is Crooked Dice’s game for playing cult TV goodness.  Our game was a Spy-Fi game to rescue Santa Claus from the grasp of Dr. Maybe and the Greater Resistance and Interdiction of Nativity and Christmas Holidays, or GRINCH.  The game was played with 30 ratings a side, being limited to figures available in Chris’ two starter packs.  This was only our second game, and our first Spy-fi game, so I apologize for the figures, not all being painted yet.  Chris is working on it!


The game was very one sided and went very badly for GRINCH from the start.  It was obvious that the minion force would benefit from close proximity to one another, thereby being able to make use of many of their star qualities.  Unfortunately, it also made them very susceptible to a nerve gas bomb the good guys brought with them!  This left them weakened, from which they never really recovered.


This, and very poor dice luck which made the two Lady-Ninja pretty much indestructible.  They pretty much just sliced and diced their way through my minions who provided very little resistance for them.  Eventually, as it was late and we couldn’t possibly win and so we conceded defeat and Santa was released to the joy of little boys and girls everywhere!  Looks like Dr. Maybe is on the naughty list this year however…..


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