Blitzkrieg Pzkpfw II

     Earlier this week I received a model I have been wanting for some time to fill out the support list for my 1940 Germans.  A panzer II.  My vehicles for Chain of Command are all 1:56.  I know that their is an argument over what is the better choice for wargaming with 28mm, 1:56 or 1:48.  I am fully aware of  the pros and cons of either.  I actually made my choice for an entirely practical reason.  I am wargaming the Fall of France.  Most of the French vehicles I need are only available in 1:56. 

     Most of my vehicles are Army Group North, purchased through Lon at Brigade Games.  They do a Pzkpfw IIf, my preference however was for something earlier.  I had the opportunity to look at some of the Blitzkrieg vehicles at the Architects of War booth at Historicon and was pleased with what I saw.  I had to wait however as it was listed as out of stock.  Suddenly it disappeared from their webpage entirely, so I order from my pals at Arcane Scenery.

     Arcane scenery is one of my usual sources for British products that I don’t have a U.S. source for.  I am impressed how fast they get things to me here and for what seems like a far more reasonable shipping price then some other companies.  Always a pleasure to do business with!

     Earlier I mentioned the controversy regarding proper vehicle scale for 28mm wargaming.  Something I appreciate about Blitzkrieg is that they make many of their models in both sizes, leaving it to the purchaser to decide which to get.


     The model itself is a well crafted piece.  Very crisp casting, with far less fiddly bits to have to work out and install or lose.  The model arrived in just a few pieces.  The main chassis and drive train, the turret, driver’s hatch, commander’s hatch, and the two gun barrels. All the pieces are resin.   The separate hatch pieces are a good idea, giving the modeller the option to place visible figures in the piece if the so choose.  Some other companies do this with the commander’s hatch but I am not familiar with the driver option.  I considered doing this and will if I get another one.


   The model is also not cast with a base, which is a preference of mine.  I usually do not base vehicles unless I feel I have to correct for a weakness in the model’s structure.



    The model took paint very well.  I black primed it, painted it German Grey, added some color to some of the cast on details.  After adding some Company B decals for 7th regiment 10 panzer division i dusted it with pastel chalks and sprayed it with matte varnish.


    Here is a picture of the II next to my IIIc from Army Group North, and with a German added for scale.  I don’t remember if the German soldier is a Battle Honor or a Crusader.  I am very pleased with this little tank and look forward to putting it into action.





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6 thoughts on “Blitzkrieg Pzkpfw II

  1. Great small model. I have been thinking about to play the Narvik campaign with “Chain of Command” because of the presence of these small and not too dangerous vehicles and weapons.


  2. aslfan

    This is a great model and you have done it justice



  3. Nice job on this model!


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