It is my intention to share my thoughts and experiences regarding the hobby of miniature wargaming.  I have been a wargaming for decades, having first played board wargames like Avalon Hill’s classic Tactics oh so many years ago.  Sometime in the 1980s I was introduced to minature wargaming through the local club at the California State University of Northridge.

I have played periods from 450 through Afghanistan in scales from 1/285th through 1/1 scale.  At present however I play primarily skirmish level 28mm games.  While I play mostly historical I am certainly not adverse to a little alternative history, legendary or Science Fiction games.

I hope that you the reader find this blog interesting and informing.

Cheers and Cry Havoc!

Ron Carnegie


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Big Trouble! A Pulp Alley Scenario


Played the  4th Scenario of China Station this week.  In this scenario, set in the port town of China Station, and irate Captain Hakka sends his troops to harass the locals in vengeance for his embarrassment at Madame Lau’s.  Aiding each other, the Explorer’s Club and Englehorn’s crew try to rescue the locals from the unfair oppression.


In this scenario, there are five minor plot points, all locals, there is no major plot point. there are also roving Japanese soldiers trying to take the plot points and remove them from the table.   The goal is to control the plot points and thereby save them from ill-treatment.  Rewards are from cards drawn randomly afterward.


Six inches around the table edge were all dangerous areas, the locals and the Japanese all have random movement and at the end of each turn, more soldiers appear.  Making this a somewhat challenging game.



The soldiers also had surprisingly good fortune on their health rolls. they kept falling down, but they just got right back up again!


When we ran out of time, only three locals had been rescued, with Miss Changchang and Master Li remaining on the table.  Two had been saved by Singapore Smith and only one by Captain Englehorn.  The Captain did finish the game with a few extra coins to by some backup later.

Another enjoyable game and we look forward to the next.

Annotation 2020-01-15 234525


Until next time,



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House of Lau, A Pulp Alley Adventure


Just played the 3rd installment of Pulp Alley’s China Station Campaign.  This was their scenario a month program for 2019.  (Subscriptions are presently being taken for next years scenarios).

Annotation 2019-12-31 003728

This episode has our heroes trying to hide from Captain Hakka’s Japanese soldiers by hiding in Madame Lau’s “House of Fallen Flowers”, the first brothel in China Station.  It is a non-combat adventure, where characters interact with various locals to get an introduction to the elusive Dr. Koo, challenge each other in non-lethal games, and convince local bystanders to aid their efforts.  At first, only the four minor plot points are deployed, the major plot point Dr. Koo being placed at the end of turn four.  When I minor plot point is achieved a scenario card is pulled.  Some of these are rewards, some are not.  Some cause the minor plot point to be removed and some do not.  Some of them are “friendly Introduction” cards that are necessary to play the Major plot point.  there is also a roving perilous area in the form of a drunken band of Japanese soldiers.


Once again, our leagues were the S.S. Venture crew and the Explorers Club.   Since it is a non-combat scenario, we decided to play co-op style.  Capt. Inglehorn spoke with Captain Stratton right off and took that plot point, but not without seeing his stowaway Choy knocked out.


Similarly, Singapore Smith managed to get her friendly introduction from Mr. Lau, who was forcing her to chase him around his gardens.  Did I mention that the minor plot points move around randomly?


Cheng also proved troublesome, as he left the garden and wandered out into the jungle.  He was still not contolled by the end of the game.  Dr Koo was another matter entirely.


When Dr Koo did arrive, he appeared very near to Singapore Smith, who simply walked over, pass a 3 peril rather handily and then got a free pass for the plot challenge!


The scenario is 7 turns long, so the last two turns were spent trying to chase Cheng through the jungle with little effect, and the drunken Japanese kept harassing  Inglehorn’s crew.  In the end, the Explorer’s Club were the winners of this scenario, but both sides gain some rewards and a little reputation as well.

Until next time,




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Santa Clause and the G-Men


Boxing day found the Williamsburg Legati involved in this year’s 7TV Christmas game.   This year we used the new PULP version and played G-Men Versus the Shadow Ring.  Actually, I ran the same game I recently ran at the local convention, the VIP rescue scenario.  For this version, however, I switched Santa Clause in as the VIP and replaced the Shocktroopers with three Evil Snowmen.


Not a lot of pictures I am afraid.  Partly that is due to exhaustion, partly due to my have forgot a third of my terrain and all of my sidewalks!  The terrain was, therefore, a little disappointing.


As to the game, things went poorly for the side of Justice from the very start.  The combination of the Secret Rings Star qualities and abilities, Cliffhanger cards, and Gadgets left several turns in which none of the Heroic Stars could activate.  I have never seen such bad luck in 7TV.  The G Men Agents and Police officers were decimated while unsupported by their stars.  Finally, a well timed Stealing The Scene and there was almost no chance of saving Santa. Well, that and it was getting late and I wasn’t the only one exhausted.  Christmas is a very busy season of the year where some of us work.


I will have to try something else next year.  These hostage scenario episodes are very difficult, Santa was only saved once and that was against a very poorly designed baddie cast.

Happy Holidays and see you next year!


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Thought it was about time I write a review of the hame FORAGER by Stand To Games.  Forager is a true skirmish game set in the Peninsula during the Napoleonic Wars.  The Williamsburg Legati and I have been playing this game off and on for a little over a year, and it has remained very popular with most of us.


The game is designed to be played on a 4 by 4 table with about 6 28mm figures on aside. Each figure has a simple set of characteristics and equipment available to him.


Each character has a level, which is used to determine his skill number.  This number is used to determine his activation order, beginning with the lowest for the movement phase and the highest for the firing and combat phases.  The game is built around d10s with your combat determining the base for combat. There are various modifiers for weapon types and ranges, which usually consist of either adding or subtracting dice or sometimes allowing for rerolls. Fieldcraft is used to determine success with various soldierly activities (reloading, climbing walls, recovering from wound effects and so on).

IMG_0097 (1)

The game is very quick to learn and play, and certainly is more of the Beer and Pretzel sort of game with a certain amount of lightheartedness added.  Much of this comes from the Butcher Bill and Reckoning Charts, which are used to determine the effects of wounds, the Battle Events which allow for occasional random events, and the extra equipment that can help offset some of the battle situations.  Examples of this are the battle effect of “Not My Taters!” and favorite equipment taking damage instead of the character.  These things also add to the strong narrative feel of the game.


Stand To Games does make a series of miniatures for this game, and while some of them are quite amusing and include some of the curious equipment choices the game offers, my club universally hates them.  There is however no requirement or need to use the company’s miniatures.  I recommend the excellent Napoleonic Ranges offered by Brigade Games.  The newer Hicks sculpts are varied, well detailed and very distinctive, all benefits to a game at this scale. I have British Riflemen, French Dragoons, French Voltigeurs, and Spanish, both regulars and irregulars all of this line.


So bad points of the game, the rule book is not laid out as well as it might be.  The simple nature of the game solves some of this, so you don’t need to look up a lot.  The campaign rules and character design portions of the rules seem a little tacked on.  Still, all in all this is a great game.  A lot of fun and deser4ving of far more attention than I feel it is getting.

Until next time,



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Breakout! A Pulp Alley Scenario

Annotation 2019-12-08 210806

The second of this year’s Pulp Alley Scenario of the Month China Station is Breakout.  In this scenario, the leagues have to free one of their captured characters from a military camp.

Unlike the previous scenario, Enemy Patrol, the guards are now proper NPCs and fully able to shoot or be shot. the scenario begins with two on the table but more will arrive if the alarm is raised.

We played with the same two Leagues, Singapore Smith and her Explorer’s Club, and Captain Engelhorn and the crew of the S.S. Venture.  Each league has a hostage they must rescue.  We choose these randomly from the unfound characters of the previous scenario with the exception of Smith’s dog Chu-chu.


In this scenario, there are four minor plot points placed.  The major plot points represent the missing characters.  They are not placed at the game beginning.  The minor plot points each have their own reward cards and the Major plot points are placed per the instructions on these cards.  The major plot has to be escorted off the table but once done all that players league will also leave.

The minor plot points were a drunk cook, a local girl, a lazy guard, and a logbook.

the scenario is set at night and all the characters begin the game hidden.


Captain Engelhorn took the drunken cook point placing his missing character Ben Hayes near the center of the table.  Shortly after Archer of the Explorer’s Club spoke with the local girl.

Now both prisoners were on the table rather close to each other and unfortunately too close to the two Japanese guards.  The Explorers sat bidding their time looking for a suitable time to strike without raising the alarm, meanwhile the sailors came around the flank and found the logbook.


Eventually one of the two Japanese guards went into the mess hall for a snack giving the Explorers the opportunity the waited for.  With quick action, Lowell ambushed the remaining soldier returning to hiding before the other guard returned.  This gave Lumpy and Smith the chance they needed to get their prisoners and leave.


Waheed began to question the remaining plot point, the lazy guard when the hungry soldier returned from the mess shack.  The alarm was raised and shots were fired just as the prisoners were brought to safety, all just at the end of turn 6!


This was a scenario was a lot of fun, with all the sneaking about to avoid discovery and with the alarm being sounded just as we concluded the game.  I love when random dice rolls create a logical narrative.

Until next time,


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